Showcasing Expertise and Collaboration:
My Journey as a Production Coordinator in KPU’s Advanced Visual FX Program
This reel captures my comprehensive experience as a Production Coordinator within Kwantlen Polytechnic University's esteemed Advanced Visual FX program. It highlights my journey through various projects, emphasizing my ability to manage, coordinate, and support my peers across challenging workflows. Witness my adept skills in scheduling, asset management, and team collaboration, all essential for the seamless creation of visually striking projects. A key aspect of my coordination role was leveraging ShotGrid to streamline project workflows and enhance team efficiency. This reel is not just a demonstration of technical acumen but also a testament to my commitment to teamwork and creative problem-solving.
In addition to honing my skills in production coordination, my time in the Advanced VFX program at KPU was enriched by extensive training in a variety of VFX techniques and tools. I mastered compositing in Nuke, explored lighting techniques with Katana and Maya, delved into the complexities of FX in Houdini, and gained proficiency in modeling, UV layout, and animation within Maya. Each discipline significantly enhanced my understanding of the VFX process. My comprehensive VFX expertise, combined with my production coordination abilities, positions me as a uniquely capable production coordinator, able to bridge creative vision and practical execution effectively.
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